According to the Human Development Index released by the United Nations Development Program, in terms of quality of life, Ireland is the fifth best place to live in the world.

Topping the list is Norway, followed by Australia, Iceland and Canada.

The list was compiled based on data that was collected in 2007, so Ireland’s ranking might be punching a little over its weight, considering the economic collapse the country has suffered in the meantime.

However, Ireland is still the top ranked EU country on the list and maintains its same rank as last year. 182 countries were indexed for this year’s report.

Women in Ireland have a life expectancy of 82 years, while men have a life expectancy of 77.3.

An alarming statistic about Ireland was its high rate oif illiteracy, which was a big factor in Ireland ranking 17th out of 18 of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries indexed.

Meanwhile, the U.S. came in 13th place on the index. American women can expect to live for 81.3 years and men can expect a lifespan of 76.7 years.

Britain was ranked in 21st position.

Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone were at the bottom of the list.