A three-minute video, captured on a cellphone in Cork, has started a debate on UFOs. The recording, which shows three bright orbs flying erratically, has sparked discussion over the existence of little green men and spurred criticism from skeptics.

The clip was recorded in December 2012 but was uploaded in March by the YouTube user Natkis Ireland.

It shows three bright lights flying in the sky, in some sort of pattern. These lights are then joined by others on the right hand side of the screen.

A voice with a Cork accent can be heard saying, “Sorry for the quality, it was filmed by a mobile phone.”

Although many online commenters have said they believe the video is fake, others claim they’ve seen similar sights, especially in America.

Whitley Strieber, the American horror novelist, posted a note on his website Unknown Country.

He said he has had this video analyzed by three experts. Two of them believe that it is a hoax but the third believes it i real.

In Cork critics are saying that these bright lights are merely some kind of flare or firework from the 100th anniversary celebration for the Titanic that were taking place in Cobh. Others are saying they are Chinese lanterns.

The users on the “Out There” website question why there were no other reported sightings of the phenomenon in the area and why it took Natkis Ireland so long to post the clip. They also question why the video has no audio.

One expert said, “Cork is a big city and yet so far no independent reports have surfaced. But there is no evidence that he personally possesses the skills to have faked this video. On the other hand a skilled confederate might have been involved.”

Another said, “I’m going to come down hard off the fence and cry ‘foul’. This event, if real, would surely have drawn not only media coverage, but also other videos from different locations.”

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Here’s the clip: