Top Touring Artist award went to U2 at the Billboard Awards on Sunday night in Las Vegas. The 360 Tour which comprises of a gigantic claw-like stage built in such a way that no matter where in the audience you were you had a full view of the stage and everyone on it.

The revolutionary stage became the highest grossing tour of all time. With screens and speakers situated cleverly around the stage you have full view of the show at every angle.

Accepting the award, Bono said: "I would have settled for a top 10 record. "I don't know what it means exactly to be an icon. I've always wanted to be one and I guess now I am.

Adding, "You can make classic albums in your bedroom and you can play the greatest show of your life on a one-string guitar, but we just don't do that".

During the ceremony, introduced a special tribute to U2, which featured footage from the 360° Tour. Video footage of the band members, manager Paul McGuinness and tour personnel were edited together with them explaining the tours concept.

The band thanked the production crew for their hard work over the last two years.

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