U2 manager Paul McGuinness is fully behind the Irish High Court’s latest ruling on the illegal downloading of music.

The High Court has allowed Eircom to enforce a rule with its broadband users, whereby it warns any user it detects downloading music illegally.

Like baseball, the user in question is given three chances to stop the illegal downloads.

Should the user not adhere to the warnings then Eircom will be permitted to cut off their broadband service.

“This identifies Ireland as a place where copyright is defined and protected in a modern way,” U2 manager Paul McGuinness told The Irish Times.

 “It shows Ireland is a safe place not just for copyright but also patents, and that will have implications for other industries like technology and pharmaceuticals.”

The High Court ruling only applies to Eircom and customers who use its broadband service, but music executives are hoping that other Internet Service Providers will follow suit.