Bono reached out to Sarah Palin when she was running for Vice President and briefed her on his worldwide agenda, Palin has revealed.

The call came at the height of the presidential campaign in 2008, when Palin was under fire for her lack of international experience.

In her new book, “Going Rogue,” the former Vice Presidential candidate says Bono was one of several leading personalities she spoke and met with when she became a national figure.

Others included actor Warren Beatty, singer Hank Williams Jr., former football coach Mike Ditka and actor Robert Duvall.

Palin stated that the Irish singer and humanitarian was ‘interested, had good intentions and wanted to share ideas and insights.”

“I was happy to hear from them” Palin wrote about the leading personalities who had been in touch with her.

Bono has refused to take sides in American politics, forming a close friendship with right-wing Republican Senator Jesse Helms and also getting on well with President George Bush Jr., so his outreach to Palin was not unexpected.

Palin did encounter controversy when she listed Ireland as one of the countries she had traveled to during the campaign. It turned out it was a Shannon Airport stopover when on her way to Germany and  Kuwait to visit soldiers from Alaska when she was governor there.