Google has compiled its first ever World Wonders List which features 132 spots around the world that can be viewed in Google’s Street View. Two unlikely Irish locales - St Brendan’s Cathedral in Clonfert, Co Galway and Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church in Belfast - are put in the company of some of the world’s most renowned locales. reports on the surprising inclusion of the two Irish churches. The churches, while having interesting histories, don’t seem to hold the same esteem or popularity as other Irish locales like Newgrange, Giant’s Causeway or The Cliffs of Moher. The Irish locations will be joining other global wonders like Pompeii and Versailles on the list.

St. Brendan’s Cathedral in Galway was built in 563AD and is the resting site of St. Brendan, known as The Navigator, for his voyage across the Atlantic in the 6th century. The church is said to display some of Ireland’s finest examples of carvings from the 12th century.

The Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church in Belfast is one of the most popular buildings in the capital city, although it is now in disrepair. According to the World Monuments Fund, the Church in Belfast “is now perceived as neutral territory in a deeply polarized area and holds symbolic potential for North Belfast in particular and the city as a whole.” As a selection in the World Wonders List, supporters of the Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church hope to see new waves of attention brought to its ailing structure.

Google hopes that by using its Street View technology, more of the world’s most fascinating sites will be brought into more people’s reach. Click here for more information about the Google’s World Wonders Project.

Check out Google’s promo video for its World Wonders List here:

Clonfert CathedralRobert Riddell