The Irish Consulate in Boston on Boylston St. was among the buildings evacuated by police, after two huge explosions rocked the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday afternoon.

The blasts which occurred in quick succession around the area of Copley Square went off at 2:50 pm, as runners approached the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon. The Boston Police Department tweeted there are up to 86 injuries and two fatalities. Intelligance officals confirmed that two more explosive devices were found and have been dismantled.

Over 27,000 people participated in the marathon. The Boston Marathon website states that 108 people with Irish citzenship took part in the race, 50 of whom are Irish residents. A group of 10 Royal College of Surgeon students who were running the marathon have all been reported safe and are currently locked down in their hotel.

During a police press briefing late Monday afternoon, the Boston Police Commisioner confirmed a 3rd explosion occured at the JFK library. He recommended that people stay home.

"People should be calm but they should understand that this is an ongoing event." Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said.

One Boston Herald staffer who was running the marathon described what he witnessed.

“I saw two explosions. The first one was beyond the finish line. I heard a loud bang and I saw smoke rising,” said Herald reporter Chris Cassidy.

“I kept running and I heard behind me a loud bang. It looked like it was in a trash can or something.

"That one was in front of Abe and Louie’s. There are people who have been hit with debris, people with bloody foreheads.”

“There are at least a dozen that seem to be injured in some way.”

The Boston Globe reported “At two spots on Boylston Street, scores of people fell and were injured. Some could be seen to have lost limbs; others were unconscious.”

Schools and offices are traditionally closed for Marathon Monday as thousands of people turn out for the annual event.

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