Although the Irish people are still angry over the findings of the Mahon Tribunal they’ve venting their rage through comedy in the form of inventive movie titles on Twitter.

Last week Bertie Ahern, Ireland’s former Minister for Finance and former Taoiseach, was found by the Mahon Tribunal to have lied about massive sums of cash which had been lodged into his personal accounts.

Hundreds of Twitter users went online this week and entered their ideas for the #BertieFilms hastag, coming up in a title for the former leaders biopic.

The winner so far is Geraldine Rock with “PS I Scammed You”. This is in reference to Ahern’s daughter’s first book, Ceclia Aherne’s “PS I Love You” which was made into a movie starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Bulter.

Other front runners were Rommel Burke’ “Lost in Transaction” and “Silence of the Scams” by Shane Coogan.

The top 20 Bertie Ahern tweets:

1. Geraldine Rock - P.S. I Scammed You, Lie Another Day, and Admission Impossible
2. Rommel Burke - Lost in Transaction
3. Shane Coogan - Silence of the Scams
4. Colm Tobin - Paranormal Accountancy and Debt Becomes Him
5. Sara Silke - Bertie, Rotten Scoundrel
6. Squid - The Men Who Stare At Pound Notes
7. Damien O'Connor - Get Rich or Lie Trying and There Will Be Flood
8. Stephen Flanagan - It Was A Wonderful Life
9. Trevor Golden - The Liar, The Snitch and the Wardrobe.
10. Caitríona Nic Góráin - The Good, The Bad, and The Bertie
11. Nat King Coleslaw - I Went Down
12. Jim Sheridan - Take The Money And Run
13. thisispopbaby - The Lying King
14. ray martin - Lukes who's talking
15. Fiona Hanley - Honey I Shrunk The GDP
16. Hugh McMahon - Moneyball
17. Owen Kennedy – Casablancheque
18. Lisa Gray  - Liar Liar
19. Seán Ó Cualáin - The Quiet Mahon
20. Paraic Collins - Public Enemy

Source: Irish Independent

Graffiti featuring Bertie Ahern in Temple Lane, Dublin - The posters read "Crony 2012"Dara MacDonaill