Despite the rumors spreading over Twitter, Fungi the Dolphin is alive and well according to the people of Dingle.

The friendly dolphin who resides off the coast of Dingle is a major tourist attraction in the area. A spokeswoman for the Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours told that Fungi is doing fine. She said, “I was out there last night and he’s definitely alive.”

In the past there has been some speculation about Fungi’s age. He has been spotted in the area since 1984, which makes him an elderly man by now. However, the spokesperson is sure that the dolphin she saw was Fungi because of a triangular-shaped nick out of his fin.

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The Harbor Officer for Dingle similarly confirmed that there was nothing to the rumors. They did confirm that no boats have gone out into the water so far but that no remains had been washed ashore on Monday.

The Kerry County Council also quashed the rumors, tweeting, “Despite all the rumors doing the rounds on Twitter, Fungie the Dolphin is alive and well #Fungie”. Dolphins can live 50 years at the outside.

It’s believed that Fungi was born in the mid-1970s and turned up in Dingle Harbour in 1984. Although dolphins usually travel in pods Fungi seems to prefer the company of humans and spends his day swimming with the local boats and tourist tours.

Here’s a travel guide on Dingle and Fungi: