The accused Tucson shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, was shocked and disappointed that he had not killed, the since retired, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The defendant who has now pled guilty to the crimes set against him. told his court-appointed psychologist Christine Pietz “There’s no way she survived a shot to the head.”

When he was told the Giffords had indeed survived he said “Jared is a failure”.

On 8th January 2011 Loughner opened fire on a crowd at the opening of a local supermarket and killed six people, injuring 14 others. Giffords, one of his victims, was shot through the left side of her head. She miraculously survived and recovered. She has since retired from politics.

On Tuesday Loughner pled guilty to the 19 felonies against him which means he will avoid the death penalty.

Speaking in court he simply said “I plead guilty” when each of the felonies were read out.

According to the New York Post his mother, Amy, cried at the back of the court, when many of his victims sat silently in court.

Pietz revealed that during her extensive interview Loughner has admitted to killing six people and wounding 14 others. He included Giffords as a target.

He later said “I’m 23 years old…This is it. This is my life.”

Pietz, a Bureau of Prisons forensic psychologist, said “He has a serious mental illness” and was “one of the worst” cases she ever dealt with.

Loughner will be sentenced on 15th November.

Jared Lee Loughner after his arrest on January 8, 2011UPI