Out of the nearly 40 million Irish Americans in the United States many want to connect with their homeland and visit the Emerald Isle. For one couple in California they hacked of a little bit of the Emerald Isle for themselves and had a “Luck O’ the Irish Cottage” built for them by the Animal Planet TV show “Treehouse Masters”. 

Chris and Nicole, of Southern California's Orange County, were the “Treehouse Masters” premiere show earlier in 2013 and their Celtic-themed treehouse is certainly something special. The treehouse cottage at the top of a stairway is a round, sod thatched cottage and features a peat fireplace and photographs from the Staab’s vacations. 

The amazing treehouse even has a built in mister that can simulate rain on demand, just to Irish up those blue California skies. 

"We can make it rain anytime we want," says Staab. "I am a weather junkie. I grew up in Texas and Oklahoma and used to chase tornadoes for the news. I miss it, and heavy rain. And, in Ireland, it rains constantly."

When they had envisioned what their $45,000 Irish treehouse might look like they thought it would be smaller says Chris. 

Their vision “was much smaller, and it was not near as cool. Everything that we wanted is in there, but on a much grander scale. Pete's mind is capable of far more than our mind is capable of. I have no other way to explain it.”

While the treehouse was being built Nicole’s father and the young son of Chris’ cousin passed away within a week of each other. Also the Boston Marathon Bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas took place at that time. 

The Staabs look on their “Luck O’ the Irish Cottage” as a peaceful sanctuary. 

Chris told Zap2It “That's one of the reasons the treehouse is going to be such a special place for us because it really is going to be a peaceful sanctuary where we can go and remember those we love and remember the people that have been lost, that we had no connection with.

“You can't read stories like that and see what we've been seeing on TV without having it affect you. It really is going to be a good place to get away from that and have some peace.”

Here’s the trailer for the “Treehouse Masters : Luck O' The Irish Cottage”: