Jeremy Prince, father of tragic South Hadley student Phoebe Prince has told the media that he no longer wishes to talk about her alleged bullies. He has also hinted at the fact that he will make the move from County Clare to the United States to be with the rest of his family.

Speaking from Ireland, he told WBZ that he did not wish to discuss his daughter's alleged tormentors. He said: “I have the greatest respect for the district attorney and don't want to do anything to upset what she's doing.”

In a previous interview with’s Emily Bazelon he had said: “If they confessed to the court and said they were sorry, I'd appeal to the court for total leniency. You can go two ways. You can look to the court for revenge or you can look for leniency. The latter path is mine."

He told WBZ that he would most likely be present at the trials in Massachusetts. He said: “The answer is possibly, my entire focus is on the 12-year old girl."

He was referring to Phoebe’s kid sister who lives with Jeremy in Ireland.

“She's going to spend some time in school here and then we all might move back. I like America."

Sadly this is not the first great tragedy that Jeremy has had to suffer through. A little over 18 years ago his wife died.

He said “You live on because you have to. When I lost my wife, I was left with three children, you got to (go on). There ain't no choice, is there?"

"You never totally get over something like that.  It remains with you, it's like scar tissue, it harms over and round, then you get on with your life.  It's always still there and always will be."