The Kennedy clan is at its lowest point ever according to Caroline – after tests showed Kerry Kennedy was on the sleeping pill Ambien when she was involved in a hit and run crash last week.

Caroline Kennedy made the claim after tests confirmed traces of the sleeping pill in Kerry Kennedy’s blood after the accident which she blamed on a ‘seizure’.

Speaking outside court last week, Kerry Kennedy stated that tests showed she was on no drugs when she smashed her Lexus into a truck and she blamed the crash on a ‘partial seizure.’

She pleaded not guilty to driving while impaired by drugs.

The results of blood tests however, show conclusively that Robert F Kennedy’s daughter was under the influence of Ambien on the day of the accident.

This result contradicts her own doctor’s findings.

The Daily Mail website reports that prosecutors submitted the report as evidence against 52-year-old Kennedy after she had pleaded not guilty on July 17 to driving under the influence of drugs.

The blood test was filed in North Castle Town Court and showed that a toxicologist detected 14 nanograms per milliliter of zolpidem, the sleep aid found in Ambien, in a sample taken on July 11.

Kennedy had crashed her Lexus when she swerved across Interstate 684 and swiped a tractor-trailer.

Officers called to the scene found her slumped over the wheel of the car.

She told the officers that she had possibly mixed up two prescription drugs before getting behind the wheel. She said she may have taken the sleeping pill Ambien instead of a daily prescription that she takes for a thyroid problem.

Outside court on July 17th, Kennedy stated that she was ‘confused and erratic’ while talking to police.

Kennedy said, “The accident was not caused by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure. My doctor says this is the first seizure I have ever had.”

Dr. Michael Thorpy, director of the sleep disorder center at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, said that the amount of zolpidem found in her system is low and typical of someone who would have just taken a pill or taken one several hours before.
The toxicologist reported that a urine sample was negative for alcohol.

Kennedy, the ex-wife of Governor Andrew Cuomo, said in a statement on Wednesday night: “It now appears that my first instinct was correct.

“I had sought other explanations for the accident when the first drug tests came back negative.”

The Mail report adds that police said Kennedy failed several sobriety tests and was swaying and slurring her speech.

The website says that after the crash, the Kennedy family ordered their own ‘battery’ of tests to prove that Kerry was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

Criticism of the Kennedy family’s behaviour in the wake of the accident led Caroline Kennedy, Kerry’s cousin and the daughter of John F.Kennedy, to decry that the family are at their ‘lowest point ever,’ according to insiders.

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