Why did Mitt Romeny lose so badly in the end. We list the top ten reasons why The Mittster never made it off first base, despite his fans thinking he would hit a home run.

1. True -- Donald Trump made robo calls for him and appeared with him in person-- that’s the equivalent of appearing with Groucho Marx and being asked to be taken seriously.

2. True ---Even Mormons did not vote for him. 80 per cent voted for George Bush in 2000 only 78 per cent voted for Mitt.

3. True- He boasted about his car elevator in his house in California-- that was sure to go down well with the unemployed blue collars he was seeking.

4. True--He barely contested the three states he lives in--Detroit where he was born, Massachusetts where he governed and California where he is now going to live.

5. True--He listened to Karl Rove  the demented humpty dumpty. Karl is so augties -- he has not had a decent run since Bush sneaked Florida in 2000.

6. True--he thought big crowds meant that was ahead. People always show up the last week of a presidential campaign.

7. True--He dissed Big Bird and lost the kid’s vote and annoyed their mums.

8.True---Peggy Noonan said she knew he’d win when she saw more yard signs for him in Northern Virginia -- sad that.

9. True---Paul Ryan ran clear off the screen for the last two weeks of the campaign.

10. True --he based his campaign in Boston, also the home site of those big winners Mike Dukakis and John Kerry. When will they learn-- Massachussetts pols don’t win the presidency -- unless you’re Jack Kennedy and Mitt - you’re no Jack Kennedy.

This just in from The Boston Globe:
“Mitt Romney’s voter-turnout operation suffered a meltdown on Election Day, resulting in a crucial 90-minute “buckling” of the program in Boston and the inability of some campaign workers across the country to access a vital smartphone application, according to campaign officials and volunteers.”

Mitt Romney