Here is my list of the top ten people I don’t want to read any more about or watch during 2012.

1. Donald Trump

Ego maniac par excellence, intrudes into almost every facet of American life, bankrupted casino owner who got his original wealth form his daddy ---makes America  a much worse place.

2. Nancy Pelosi

With the botoxed frozen grin and rigid face she looks like a barbie doll on steroids. She should have realized her day in the sun was gone when Democrats lost control of the House. Now she’s just a foil for the GOP.

3. Sinead O’Connor

Unless she is ready to say that she is returning to being a nun and taking a vow of silence.

4. Rex Ryan

Blowhard coach who promised a Super Bowl for the Jets and couldn’t even make the playoffs

5. Bill Maher

His ‘new rules’ shtick  is getting repetitive and boring -- give us some decent new material Bill or shut up.


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6. Bill O’Reilly

The war on Christmas is the most over hyped  nonsensical media hyped story every Yule season. Give it a rest Bill!

7. Anderson Cooper

It is called over exposure, his own nightly show, a daytime show, appearances on ‘60 Minutes’ Stick to news Anderson.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Irish American actress is making Lady Gaga and every other diva look like normal.

9. Sean Hannity

Hand holding and supporting idiots like Herman Cain makes him look very foolish when the truth comes out about his philandering.

10. Harry Reid

Senate majority leader comes across as effective as a dead sheep in getting things done. Time he retired.