Just back from a week in Ireland, my first ever visit and the weather was glorious and everyone was upbeat. The new government and the upcoming Obama and Queen’s visit seems to have enlivened everyone.

Just to be contrarian. however, here are ten things I didn’t like.

1. No refills on my coffee - miserly one cup limit everywhere and generally disinterested waitressses - no notion of service.

2. Foreign accents in hotels. Loved to have met the Irish characters, doormen, barmen, etc.. everyone told me about - fuggetaboutit -  they are all from Estonia or somewhere like that especially in the swankier places . No craic as the locals says.

3. Public transport -- trains are fine, but Dublin busses you pay as you enter and you have no idea how much you need to have. Driver usually not too helpful. Dublin’s Dart might as well be a mystery tour, no idea how to pay before you get on.

4. Price of gas -- ouch -- it is in litres, so someone told me multiply by five so I did, and ended up paying about $7 dollars a gallon. And we complain about $3.50?

5. Could never figure out how to turn off and on lights in hotel room. Maybe I’m stupid but multiple switches, some of which never seem to work, seemed to be the norm.

6. Narrow roads in the countryside and scary drivers overtaking you. They drive right up your ass and then pull out and barely beat an oncoming car.

7. Confusing road signs or none at all. Arrows pointing everywhere. Lots of jobs for people just to put a proper road sign system in place.

8.Overnight flights only to get there to ensure you arrive bedraggled. What’s wrong with a day flight getting in around 9 p.m so you can get a good nights’ sleep?

9.Mixed drinks too tiny says wife, little tiny measures and very expensive. Just pour from the bottle!

10. Snotty bankers. Went into change money twice and it was like I was trying to rob the place. They have some cheek given what they have been up to!

And yes, dear reader, in spite of it all I loved the place. I’ll be back 

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