PHOTOS - Top ten Irish turkeys for this Thanksgiving for 2011 - slideshow

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect upon the idiots, failures, and numb skulls from the year past.

Here is a top ten of  those who have distinguished themselves in all the wrong ways this year.

1. ‘Whitey’ Bulger -
for getting caught

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2. Tristan MacManus - for putting up with Nancy Grace so long on “Dancing with the Stars” - she was such an idiot he should have dumped her after week one’s episode.

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3. Ryan Murphy Glee producer -
for showing that American writers aren’t, and probably never will be, over the Leprechaun stereotypes for Irish-born and for playing right along with it by casting Damian McGinty as a leprechaun on his show..

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4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers - for the latest drink ‘recovery’ and pretend game that he’s not a complete lush.

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5. Alec Baldwin -
for protesting with ‘Occupy Wall Street” while taking huge fees from ‘What’s in Your Wallet” bank ads for Capital One.

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PHOTOS - Top ten Irish turkeys for this Thanksgiving for 2011 - slideshow

6. Dana Rosemary Scallon - 
For running in the Irish presidential election surely knowing that news about her brother’s alleged rape of his niece would come out in the headlines. He was her campaign manager.

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7. Conan O’Brien -
for creating a new show on TBS (where?) which fewer and fewer are watching, forcing ad buybacks from Turner media.

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8. Bill O’Reilly - for screwing up on his Lincoln book on several key facts in the life of the most famous president - such as there being no oval office back then!

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9. Mel Gibson (mother from Ireland) - for screwing-up, period.

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10. European Union leaders Merkel and Sarkozy 
- For royally screwing up the world and Irish  economy.

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PHOTOS - Top ten Irish turkeys for this Thanksgiving for 2011 - slideshow