Sarah Palin — Yes, Sarah Palin has at least offered a bolt of new energy and enthusiasm to a very tired looking Republican Party — she makes politics interesting again. Very proud of her Irish roots in her new book "Going Rogue."

Ted Kennedy — His stance for the little guy was his greatest gift. Never forgot the downtrodden and the people most in need. He will be missed.

Jim Sheridan — Dublin-born director whose new movie "Brothers" will win an Oscar, I predict. The greatest ever-Irish filmmaker who once walked the streets in New York looking for work.

Susan Boyle — For showing what an underdog can achieve when given her day. Her voice has captured millions like her. She sings for the lost and the lonely mother from Ireland.

Liam Neeson — His class and style after facing the worst adversity possible when his wife died was there for all the world to see. One of the very  best.

Colum McCann — Another Irish exile who won the National Book Award for his wonderful work ‘Let the Great World Spin’ Well deserved and overdue.

Joe Biden — For those wonderful occasional gaffes that remind us we’re all human after all. A great Vice President .

Bill O’Reilly — Because somehow he lacks the venom of Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, and yet makes his conservative points just as well.

Soledad O’Brien — CNN anchor is the very face of multicultural America and a fine reporter to boot. Her "Black in America" series was wonderful.

Jim Norton — You have to see this wonderful actor in "Finian’s Rainbow" on Broadway to appreciate what a treasure he is.