As the day’s close in and the nights get colder, Santa’s annual visit is just hours away. On Saturday morning people around the world will wake up to discover if they got what they wanted for Christmas, but many will be disappointed.

With this in mind we have come up with our list of those we think will end up on Santa’s bad list this Christmas and are likely to find a lump of coal in their sticking for all their misbehaving.

1. Wayne Rooney

Not sure of his footing, the English football star with Irish roots hit the headlines for many reasons this past year. Fans were outraged when the star decided not to renew his contract with Manchester United but days later it was announced that the striker would remain with the club.

Off the football field he also ran into trouble when a hooker claimed Rooney had a fling with her while his wife was pregnant. Despite the revelations the couple remain together and celebrated the birth of their son Kai in November

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2. Brian Cowen

Ireland has had one of the toughest years since the foundation of the State and the man, who many say was asleep at the wheel, is the  Prime Minister Brian Cowen.

With a multi billion bailout from the EU and IMF most people will be delighted to leave 2010 behind them as they point the finger of blame at Ireland’s leader. With the latest opinion polls showing dwindling support for Fianna Fail, Brian Cowen looks set to find a giant lump of coal in his Christmas stocking this year as Irish people save their festive cheer for those who need it most.

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3. Bill O’Reilly

The FOX news anchor has never been known for his tactfulness. But many were surprised at his outburst this year when he accused actress Jennifer Anniston of destroying America.

Speaking about the “Friends” star new film, “The Switch” he said “She's throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, 'Hey you don't need a guy. You don't need a dad”. Responding on Good Morning America Anniston said "it was just such an unfair statement that he made against me."

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4. Rex Ryan

The New York Jets coach revealed he and  his wife had a foot fetish thing going on, complete with video tape, sex site and  creepy dialogue.

As if the Jest were not in enough controversy already with loudmouth Rex, drunken players arrested and more.

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5. DAA

As with many of Ireland’s current woes, a collective group of people are to blame for the multi-million development of the white elephant that is terminal two at Dublin airport.

Unveiled in November, the terminal cost over $800 million to build and currently there are no airline carriers operating out of the terminal with passengers landing there been forced to walk to the old terminal to gain access to parking  and car rental facilities.

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 6. Lindsay Lohan

With a stint in jail under her belt couple with the prospect of spending the holidays in rehab, the “Meangirls” star has had a rough year. Lohan was sent to jail for drink driving offences

Adding to her troubles this week that star has been accused of battery by a staff member at the Betty Forde Clinic. The staff member, who has since been dismissed after selling her story to TMZ said the star was intoxicated and tried to sneak back into the facility after curfew

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7. Ronan Keating

One of Ireland’s former boy band stars was exposed as a two-timer this year when he cheated on his wife of 12 years. The couple eloped only after a few months of dating. At first news of the split was amicable but it soon emerged that Keating had cheated with one of the band’s backing dancers.

Fans were shocked by his departure from his squeaky clean boy band image. Despite the heartbreak, the couple announced recently that they plan to re-unite and work through the hardship.

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8. Ireland’s former Financial Regulator

No gold star’s for Brian Patterson this year as Ireland’s former Financial Regulator stepped down. The man who apparently did little to regulate reckless lending and nothing to prevent Ireland’s financial crash had the audacity to say that “everybody” was to blame for the downturn. "We were all responsible," said Patterson in a speech to the Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce earlier  this year.

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9. Charlie Sheen

The “Two and a Half” men star was surrounded by controversy this year when he thrashed his hotel room in the New York Plaza Hotel.

What was supposed to be a family holiday was transformed into a media circus with his Irish American escort, Christina Walsh, claimed that while in his hotel room, she feared for her life.

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10. Axl Rose

The Guns and Roses front man left fans furious last September when he stormed off stage after fans kept throwing water bottles at the band members. After long delays, the eighties rock star reappeared on stage and continues the concert, but a significant amount of fans had already left the arena.

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