Catch up with what the Irish have been reading about so far today

Celtic handfasting used in first gay marriage performed in New York

The first gay couple in New York state to marry including many different faiths in their ceremony including the ancient Celtic tradition of handfasting...READ MORE

Vatican leader slams Irish government’s confessional law as absurd

A senior Catholic Church leader has slammed the Irish government’s determination to force priests to reveal child sex abuse claims made in confessional boxes as the row between Ireland and the Vatican intensifies...READ MORE

There are good priests and bishops in Ireland today - Naming three men who have made a major difference

A truly pastoral church is what is needed in Ireland today, one responsive to the wishes of the people rather than a bureaucracy in Rome at the Vatican.

The church in Ireland has long been divided between the Celtic and Roman affiliations...READ MORE

The top ten pros and cons of marrying an Irish woman

Yesterday we did pros and cons of marrying an Irishman, now it’s the woman’s turn...READ MORE

Minister warns Ireland must clear debt or ‘go back under Britain’s skirts’

Fine Gael’s Brian Hayes, junior minister in the Department of Finance, issued the warning as he dismissed claims that Ireland should leave the Eurozone...READ MORE