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Top News: Barack Obama at 50 -- is he a failed president?
Barack Obama is 50 today and celebrated with a huge party and fundraiser in Chicago last night.

He is an amazing success story, first ever African American president and at a very young age too so much so that it seems certain he will be younger than his 2012 Republican opponent no matter who it is...READ MORE

Miracle as Injured GAA player Mark McGovern wakes up from coma

In a development little short of a miracle Mark McGovern, the GAA footballer who has been in a coma after being kicked in the head during a match over a month ago in San Francisco, has finally woken up...READ MORE

Fr Brendan Smyth documentary aired in Ireland'
A docu-drama of how a Belfast family helped expose the notorious child sex abuser Fr Brendan Smyth has aired on RTE television. 'Brendan Smyth - Betrayal of Trust' is based on a book by journalist Chris Moore...READ MORE

Casey Anthony spotted in Ohio
In a not-so-well devised attempt to keep herself hidden, Casey Anthony, perhaps one of the most hated women in all of America, was seen shopping at an Old Navy store in Ohio...READ MORE

Touring Ireland? Relax and indulge in an Irish B&B this summer
Taking a trip to Ireland this summer? Why not stay in a bed and breakfast (B&B), which offers tourists the true experience of an Irish home with superior accommodation and most of all, great value for money...READ MORE


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