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Parish priest compares Irish leader to Adolf Hitler

A County Louth parish bulletin has likened Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny to Adolf Hitler after his attack on the Vatican in the wake of the Cloyne Report...READ MORE

NYPD boss Ray Kelly tops poll for mayor with Christine Quinn second

Not since Bill O'Dwyer in 1950 has New York had an Irish mayor, but that may be about to change...READ MORE

 Tiny Canadian mining town hoping for U2 visit - VIDEOS

The town of Springhill, Novia Scotia, is planning a tribute concert for U2 this Sunday in the hope that the Irish rock legends might pop in for a visit. The band will be playing in the nearby Moncton city, as part of their massively successful "360 Tour."...READ MORE

Top ten fabulous Irish American Hollywood actresses - PHOTOS

Here at the Irish think tank we have compiled a list of Hollywood starlets who wow audiences with their good looks, talent and Irish roots. Successful and talented, it is no surprise that many of the Hollywood starlets are proud of their links to the Emerald Isle...READ MORE

Reports claim underage sex case journalist Tom Humphries is close to death

Tom Humphries, the Irish journalist at the center of underage sex allegations, is close to death according to the latest newspaper reports...READ MORE

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