Catch up with what the Irish have been reading about so far today.

Dublin’s doll hospital slammed Golliwog dolls display

A 40-year-old store DUblin store , dedicated to dolls and doll repair, has prompted complaints about their shop-front display which contains Golliwog dolls, black faced dolls many find offensive...READ MORE

‘IRA gunman’ shows up in South Carolina welfare office

James O’Keefe, a notorious prankster who tries to catch out government employees wasting taxpayer money, has revealed his latest sting which involved dressing up as an IRA gunman and seeking welfare for twenty five fellow gunmen...READ MORE

Revealed: President Teddy Roosevelt was infatuated with Irish mythology

American President Theodore Roosevelt was infatuated with mythical Irish legends including Cúchulain and Queen Maeve...READ MORE

Archbishop of Dublin is ashamed of Vatican’s clerical sex abuse cover up

In a sign of growing divisions within the Irish Catholic Church, Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin told the press this week that he was 'angry, ashamed and appalled' by the actions of his fellow Irish churchmen following a damning report into child abuse in the diocese of Cloyne in County Cork...READ MORE

Ten ways for Americans to learn to swear with an Irish accent

Learn to say ‘Jaysus’ not ‘Jesus’ when swearing --very important as it immediately marks you as a Mick...READ MORE