One of the United States most expensive divorces in legal history is coming to an end as the Dodger’s owner, Frank McCourt, is agreeing to pay his ex-wife Jamie $130 million as long as he gets to keep the team.

This marks the end of a long battle to reach the agreement and came to a resolution when Jamie, the former CEO of the Dodgers agreed to abandon plans to claim a share of the team.

The couple was married for almost 30 years before they separated. The divorce was debated over the last two years.

Their divorce is valued at $1.2 billion as it includes six homes and the $800 million LA Dodgers team.



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Before their separation Frank and Jamie McCourt paid a $225,000 lease of a private jet. Jamie spent $10,000 per month at the hairdressers. They spent thousands on designer clothes and once Jamie spent $80,000 on a vacation to the Caribbean.

The divorce itself has cost the couple $20 million in July and battle over the ownership of the Dodgers could have cost another $14 million.

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