The Irish Times newspaper has compiled their most popular baby names for 2012, according to the birth announcements listed in the paper during the year.

Regaining the number one spot for boys is James. James last topped the list in 2010, but Daniel had claimed the top spot in 2011. 

For girls, Emily came out on top for 2012, beating out the surprise 2011 winner of Chloe, which didn’t make as big as an impact this in 2012.

The Irish Times published more than 500 birth announcements in 2012 in its Saturday columns. The announcements included 10 sets of twins and one set of triplets.

Announcements weren’t limited to Irish births, either. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, New York and Boston birth announcements in the Irish Times is a nod to the recent trend in Irish emigration.

The overall trend in baby naming in the Irish Times announcements shows that there has been a movement away from ‘traditional’ Irish names; there were no Seans or Josephs, and Mary only made one appearance in 2012.

However, such traditional names are becoming increasingly chosen for middle names. At the same rate, parents have also gotten creative with middle names by opting for eclectic ones like Fryst, Munro and Fulton for boys and Thulasi, Avital, Daubney and Blossom for girls.

The Central Statistics Office in Ireland has yet to release its most popular baby names for 2012.