The Irish Central Statistic Office has released the results of the  most popular baby names registered in Ireland during 2009.
Jack has been a firm favorite in Ireland, taking the lead in both 2007 and 2008. Sophie was a surprise leader this year jumping from sixth spot in 2008.

Sean came in at second place. The records showed that 1,061 babies were named Jack while 134 less parents chose the more traditional Sean.

Ava was a close second to Sophie in the girls list with 635 baby girls named Sophie but just five less named Ava.

Rather boringly, the names Jack, Sean, Daniel, Conor and James have been in the top five since 2007. In fact Jack, Sean, Conor and James have all be in the top five slots since 1998.

Girl’s names have been a little more exciting over the years. Emma and Sarah have been firm favorites since 1998 but this is the first year that Grace has reached the top five.

Bobby, Shay and Szymon were some of the new entries on the boy’s registry. The names Szymon and Lucas were the biggest risers.

On the girls list there were six new entries Layla, Oliwia, Hollie, Madison, Daisy and Emilia. The biggest climbers were Daisy and Hollie.

Top Ten Boys

1. Jack
2. Sean
3. Daniel
4. Conor
5. James
6. Ryan
7. Adam
8. Michael
9. Alex
10. Luke

Top Ten Girls

1. Sophie
2. Ava
3. Emma
4. Sarah
5. Grace
6. Emily
7. Katie
8. Lucy
9. Aoife
10. Chloe