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Rory McIlroy feared for his safety in Ireland he says

Rory McIlroy has revealed his nights of fear as security guards kept stalkers away from his Holywood home near Belfast...READ MORE

Cahir O'Doherty: What's behind the London riots? - VIDEOS

If you've ever been to Tuscany in Italy you'll know how near to Heaven the region is. Grapes grow effortlessly on the vine, olives and tomatoes can be plucked right from the kitchen window and the air at night is filled with stars. But Britain, on the other hand, just had the coldest July for 50 years...READ MORE

Irish American female teacher rapes 16-year-old pupil - VIDEO

Tara Driscoll, a 33-year-old high school teacher from Bayshore, Long Island, was arrested on Tuesday for  the rape of a male student who was just 16...READ MORE

Niall O'Dowd: US State Department warnings on Dublin crime ridiculous

The U.S. State Department has really overstepped the mark in their new warnings to American tourists in Ireland...READ MORE

The beautiful people - our top ten pick of the most attractive Irish stars - PHOTOS

We don’t need any Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis or Zac Efron we’ve put together our own Irish hotties list...READ MORE