Catch up with what the Irish have been reading out so far today.

‘Irishmen Who Are Drunks’ - a reaction to FDNY's discriminatory remarks

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 looms, you see many stories these days about firefighters and their families, and how they are coping with the loss of loved ones and the passage of time since that terrible day...READ MORE

Irish students arrested in the U.S. for doctoring passports

Irish students have been warned against doctoring their passports to gain access to bars in America – after several were arrested this summer...READ MORE

Gerard Depardieu thrown off Dublin flight after urinating on carpet

French acting legend Gerard Depardieu has apologized for his little Oui Oui – he was kicked off a flight to Dublin when he was caught urinating into a bottle as the plane prepared for take-off...READ MORE

Presidential hopeful Gay Mitchell regrets comparing abortion to Nazi camp

Politician Gay Mitchell is wishing he bit his tongue back in 1998 when he compared abortion to the horrors that took place in Nazi concentration camps...READ MORE

Irish dating advice - the top ten things that Irish women hate in a man

A recent poll conducted by the Morning Crew on Dublin radio station 98 FM has finally unearthed the answer, or at least offered some suggestions as to what Irish woman don’t want in a man companion...READ MORE