Catch up with what the Irish have been reading about so far today.

Irish government issues historic warning as unrest grows in Britain - VIDEOS

Irish people have been warned against traveling to Britain after a fourth night of rioting as trouble spread across the United Kingdom…READ MORE

Patrick Roberts: Tara Driscoll not guilty of rape of schoolboy but stupidity

Tara Driscoll the Irish American teacher in New York who is accused of raping her 16-year old student is guilty of stupidity not rape…READ MORE

Irish bar owner forced to lock customers in as rioters rampage on London street - VIDEOS

An Irish publican has spoken of the fear that caused him to lock his customers in as rioting spread on the streets of London…READ MORE

Northern Irishman’s son a hero in Arctic polar bear attack - VIDEOS

The Irish father of a young man who fought and killed the polar bear that mauled a group of teenagers in the Arctic last week spoke to the press yesterday about the terrifying ordeal…READ MORE

Final words of Air France crash pilot ‘I can’t control the plane’

The black box recording has revealed the final conversation between the pilots on the doomed Air France Flight 447 before the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killed all 228 passengers including three young Irish doctors…READ MORE