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Irish Catholic Church failing as numbers of priests at record low levels - POLL

A leading County Derry priest predicts that in less than 15 years “at least a dozen parishes” in his diocese could have no parish priests. His calculations were made after examining the considerable reduction in the numbers of men entering the priesthood in recent years...READ MORE

Irish facing new Ice Age this winter says expert

Ireland is going to be snowed in again this winter – and for many years to come according to a world renowned weather expert...READ MORE

Irish American family gang nabbed after violent crime spree - VIDEO

‘The Dougherty Gang’s’ has finally been caught after their week-long crime spree. The three siblings were nabbed by police in Colorado following a high-speed chase and shootout. Ryan Edward (21), Dylan (26) and Lee Grace (29) have been on the run since August 2...READ MORE

Niall O'Dowd: Gay Byrne will be Ireland's next president if he runs

The news that Ireland's most famous broadcaster, Gay Byrne, will likely run for president of Ireland finally injects some real stature into the race...READ MORE

Udder joy as Ireland’s top cow is chosen - VIDEO

Ireland’s champion cow has been chosen after a tough competition among 24 bovine beauties to pick the best looking animal. It seemed the winner’s wonderful udders won the day...READ MORE

Church to condemn state in a hard-hitting campaign to oppose the irish governmentGoogle Images