Catch up with what the Irish have been reading about so far today.

"Get Gerry Adams" focus of Feds new subpoena of Boston College records

New court filings show that Northern Ireland authorities have widened the scope of their investigation into the Boston College archives of The Troubles  and are focusing on Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams...Read more

Priest launches astonishing attack on Bishop Magee over child abuse

A well-known Cork priest has launched a bitter attack on former Cloyne bishop John Magee after Magee had issued a public apology about his actions in covering up  sex abuse on children in his diocese...Read more

Numbers of women involved in sex trade in Ireland on the up

Prostitution is spreading into rural areas of Ireland, due to advances in technology, the Irish charity Ruhama have said...Read more

Top ten most surprising movies filmed in Ireland - VIDEOS

Ireland has a wonderful history on the silver screen. From John Wayne’s famous “The Quiet Man” to Roddy Doyle’s utterly irreplaceable “Commitments”, Ireland has a huge legacy in the film world...Read more

Irish Government to open a new Toronto offices as emigrants continue to arrive

The numbers of  Irish emigrants arriving to Canada in search of employment has increased sharply in recent months as the Irish recession continues...Read more