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Damian McGinty was ‘bouncing off the walls’ when he heard he won ‘The Glee Project’ - VIDEO

The young Celtic Thunder singer, Derry boy, Damian McGinty won, one of two top spots, on Oxygen’s ‘The Glee Project’ on Sunday night. McGinity and Samuel Larsen who also won, will go on to appear in a seven-episode story arc on Ryan Murphy’s smash-hit musical series “Glee”...Read more

U2’s Bono rushed to hospital in Monaco after heart scare

U2 singer Bono has been urged to rest by a leading heart specialist after a bad health scare on vacation in the South of France...Read more

Sinead O’connor says she's desperate for sex and love

In a column written for the  Irish Independent, singer Sinead O'Connor writes that she considered signing up for a dating agency to find a man but knew that if she did, it would end up all over the media...Read more

Texas creationist Rick Perry and God's plan for America

Can we agree that Texas Governor Rick Perry's presidential run is an unfolding three ring disaster disaster for the GOP? Read more

Samantha Power proven right on Libya intervention - Irish-born Obama advisor now a likely Sec. of State

The downfall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya is a huge success for Irish-born Samantha Power, a key member of the president's foreign policy inner circle and the leading advocate of the NATO intervention in Libya...Read more