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Confessed killer tried to cover up his crime in Turkey murders

The Turkish waiter who confessed to killing Irish women in a Turkish forest earlier tried to cover up his crime by claiming they had been abducted by a gang of men, reports the Daily Mail...Read more

Damian McGinty wins the Glee Project - Shock as he thought he'd lost, only to be told he'd won - VIDEOS

Damien McGinty has won the Glee Project!

The Derry teenager along with rival Sam Larsen was chosen as one of two winners who will star in the next season on the most popular entertainment show on TV...Read more

Samantha Power proven right on Libya intervention - Irish-born Obama advisor now a likely Sec. of State

The downfall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya is a huge success for Irish-born Samantha Power, a key member of the president's foreign policy inner circle and the leading advocate of the NATO intervention in Libya...Read more

Sinead O’connor says she desperate for sex and love

In a column written for the Irish Independent, singer Sinead O'Connor writes that she considered signing up for a dating agency to find a man but knew that if she did, it would end up all over the media...Read more

The top ten greatest Irish drinking songs - VIDEOS

Whether you are celebrating an Irish sports victory, a family occasion or simply toasting Ireland's health here is IrishCentral's collection of great Irish drinking songs...Read more