Britain’s top television host has claimed former Irish Prime Minister Charlie Haughey attempted to grope her in 1969.

Anne Robinson, presenter of the Weakest Link show, made the allegations in an interview with the Guardian newspaper.

She made the claims in a discussion on the issue of sexual harassment in the TV industry on the back of the recent Jimmy Saville revelations.

She met Haughey during the 1969 general election in Ireland which she covered for the Daily Mail newspaper.

Robinson said: “When I got my first job in the Daily Mail the term ‘sexual harassment’ didn’t exist.

“Looking back, we used to keep lists of men who weren’t safe in taxis, NST, and those who were NSL, not safe in lifts, they were a bit quicker with their hands than NSTs.

“I think my best experience was with Charlie Haughey, who was then Ireland’s Finance Minister.

“I like to imagine he went to his grave with my bruises on his hands after he tried to grope me during the 1969 Irish elections.” reports that Haughey’s daughter Eimear has dismissed the claims as ‘disgusting’.

She said: “My father should be left alone to rest in peace.”

Former Irish Prime Minister Charlie Haughey