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'Murder victim' thought to have eloped to Ireland in mystery case

No one knows exactly what happened to English woman Emma Alice Smith, who went missing in the 1920s, but a new police investigation hints that the woman may not have been murdered as long thought....READ MORE

Archbishop Martin accuses fellow bishops of cover-up of more damning report 

The Archbishop of Dublin has accused fellow bishops of ‘hiding’ further details of clerical sexual abuse in three reports yet to be published...READ MORE

Darren Clarke thanks late wife Heather for ‘fairway to heaven’ inspiration 

Darren Clarke remembered his late wife Heather as he came to terms with his British Open success and life as a Major winner....READ MORE

The top ten worst Irish compliments ever made

The Irish are famous for flattery, but also for the bitter word when it suits. This is what happens when they combine the two...READ MORE

Smoking taking a huge toll on the Irish economy, says Minister

Smoking is costing the Irish economy €365m a year, says Minister of State for Health Róisín Shortall, according to the Irish Times...READ MORE

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