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Casey Anthony look-a-like attacked by revenge seeker

Celebrity look-a-likes can usually expect fans to stop them for a quick photograph, but this was not the case for Sammay Blackwell, 26, who bears a striking resemblance to Casey Anthony...READ MORE

Irish calling their Diaspora home as times get tough - VIDEO

The New York Times is reporting on a promising new outreach effort to bring Irish descendants back home to Ireland .

‘Ireland Reaching Out’, a new organization created to link small towns in Ireland and the descendants of people who left them, some many generations ago, is off to a strong start...READ MORE

Rory McIlroy in love match with tennis number one Caroline Wozniacki

Rory McIlroy has split with childhood sweetheart Holly Sweeney for a love match with  world tennis number one Caroline Wozniacki...READ MORE

Irish sex lives suffering badly in recession says sex therapist

Irish sex therapists have reported a rise in the number of clients seeking help for libido problems in the past two years, the Evening Herald reports.

The added stress associated with the downward spiral of Ireland’s economy is having a knock on effect on the sex lives of the Irish...READ MORE

The weird and wonderful world of the All-Ireland Scarecrow Championships - PHOTOS

Long gone are the old-fashioned scarecrows of two crossing sticks and an old tee shirt. The second annual All-Ireland Scarecrow Championship will be taking place at the Howya Festival of Friendship in Durrow, showcasing Ireland’s most original scarecrow designs...READ MORE

Casey Anthony look-a-like attacked by revenge seekerJoe Burbank/Pool; KWTV