Ireland’s most notorious Muslim extremist has vowed to kill Barack Obama if he can and has been arrested by Irish police.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror newspaper Irish-born Khalid Kelly,44, also known as “Taliban Terry,” stated he would kill Obama himself, only police knew him too well.

However, he said he expected Al Qaida to make an effort to kill Obama when he was in Ireland. The president is due in on May 23rd for a day.

"Personally I would feel happy if Obama was killed. How could I not feel happy when a big enemy of Islam is gone?" Kelly was quoted as saying in the interview.

He said it would be relatively easy to kill Obama in Ireland because Irish police were not well armed.
Kelly is an outspoken supporter of bin Laden and Al Qaida and is a convert to the Muslim faith.

He converted after spending time in a Saudi prison for importing alcohol to the kingdom. At the time he stated  “Before Islam, I didn’t know the meaning of love. When I read the Quran in 2000, whilst in jail, I felt a huge surge of compassion and sympathy. I feel now that what led me to Islam was God’s mercy and sympathy. It’s something bigger than myself and I can’t explain it with words.”

He has since married a Pakistani woman and has settled back in Dublin.

He has strongly defended  al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden on Irish television and was filmed in a 2010 US documentary entitled ‘Holy Wars’ inspecting arms in an arms bazaar in Pakistan.

He has called one of his two sons Osama.

He told an Irish TV program in that Osama "is a name to be proud of" and wants to be called Abu Osama — "father of Osama.”

Friends who remember him from his Dublin days call him Taliban Terry instead.

After returning from Pakistan he stated he would start an Al Qaida support group in Ireland.

Kelly says he supports Sharia law in Ireland including public beheadings for certain crimes.