A mock megalithic concrete structure that was created on Achill Island constructed by Joe McNamara is a "tomb for the Celtic Tiger," revealed one of the builder's supporters.

McNamara, 41, was jailed after a judge ruled him in contempt of a High Court order that required him to cease construction of the circle immediately, according to the Independent. The council said the structure was an unauthorized and unlawful development.

McNamara supporter Benny Meehan said that the Stonehenge-style structure is intended to be a "place of reflection" for people to contemplate what has happened to Ireland over the last few years.



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"Some people have portrayed Joe as some kind of lunatic. He is not. He is a quiet and reflective man and he is just trying to raise awareness and get people thinking about what has happened to this country," he said.

The structure consists of an outer ring 30 meters wide marked out by 4.5 meter high columns with tapping stones on top.

McNamara is notorious for several brushes with the law , especially the time he drove a massive cement mixer into the gates of Leinster House which houses the Irish parliament. He  was protesting the role of Anglo Irish Bank in the property bust.