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Chaos and utter confusion - emergency room medicine Irish style

Since our return to Ireland last May life in Ireland has been good to our family. I’ve not complained about much. We have everything we want and we remain positive when friends in the U.S. ask us how we could live in an Ireland steeped in a recession because they certainly couldn’t...READ MORE


Witnesses suggest Boston cop Richard Donohoue was shot by 'friendly fire' in Tsarnaev shootout

Eyewitness accounts are suggesting that Transit Police Officer Richard H. Donohue Junior, who was shot and nearly killed in Watertown, Massachusetts on April 19 may have been hit by a fellow officer...READ MORE


Massachusetts bishop pleads not guilty to DUI hit and run and asks for forgiveness - VIDEOS

Worcester Bishop Robert McManus (61) has pleaded not guilty to driving drunk in Rhode Island. The Catholic bishop arrested for hit and run accident and driving under the influence was released on bail of $1,000...READ MORE


Irish soldiers who fought Hitler are finally issued State pardon

Irish Army soldiers who deserted to fight Hitler with the Allies received a state pardon on Tuesday afternoon.

The Irish Independent reports that thousands of Irish soldiers received an official amnesty and apology from the Government yesterday...READ MORE


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino pays tribute to Irish who helped in bombing aftermath

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino paid a special tribute to the Irish who helped in the aftermath of last month’s marathon bombings, in which three people were killed and over 260 injured...READ MORE


Emergency room medicine Irish style - April Drew encounters the worst elements of a broken hospital system