Today's top Irish news stories:

Earthquake in the Irish Sea rattles Ireland’s East Coast in the early morning hours

A magnitude 3.8 earthquake rocked the Irish Sea and the East Coast of Ireland at 4.15 a.m Wednesday morning waking thousands from their sleep but causing no injuries...READ MORE


Russian ghost ship lost for the second time off the Irish coast

The Russian cruise ship, MV Lyubov Orlova, has gone missing again, having turned up off the Irish coast in February. The ship had broken its towline in January, while traveling from Canada to the Dominican Republic. It had been drifting unmanned in international waters...READ MORE


Irish toddlers verbally and physically abused and threatened in undercover investigation TV program

A sensational Irish television investigative program showed young children being verbally and physically threatened in some of Ireland’s top child care centers...READ MORE


U.S. visitors to Ireland jump 16 percent as The Gathering tourist initiative takes off

Figures released by the Central Statistics Offices in Ireland show that between February and April 2013 there was a 56,300 jump in tourist numbers from the U.S ,an overall increase of 16 percent  in visitors from America...READ MORE


Ireland to ban branding on cigarette packets, forces all packs to look the same

Ireland’s Health Minister Doctor James Reilly has announced that Ireland will soon become the second country in the world to introduce plain cigarette packages...READ MORE


Geologists report that there has been another earthquake in the Irish Sea. This is following a larger quake, at 3.8 on Richter scale, that took place in May