Today's Irish news stories:

Did Pope Francis perform an exorcism at the Vatican Mass on Sunday? - VIDEO

Italian press, and media worldwide, are speculating that Pope Francis I performed an exorcism on a young man in a wheelchair at the Pentecostal Mass last Sunday...READ MORE


Thousands of Great Hunger victims who died in Staten Island quarantine remembered

Thousands of victims of Ireland’s Great Hunger remain buried under Staten Island’s modern structures in unmarked mass graves. Now, over 160 years later, the remains of some of those victims will be re-interred in a Memorial Green, part of the multi-million Supreme Court complex, in St. George...READ MORE


Immigration reform bill passes a huge hurdle with Irish E3 visas intact - VIDEO

The comprehensive immigration reform bill passed a huge hurdle on Tuesday night with the Senate Judiciary Committee voting 13-5 for passage out of the committee and on to the senate floor...READ MORE


87-year-old sues Donald Trump over condo - ‘Somebody had to stand up to him’

Donald Trump you're fired! That's the message from an 87-year-old woman who alleges Trump cheated her in a skyscraper-condo sale...READ MORE


Sisters abused over six years by their uncle - disgusted by two year sentence for sexual abuse

Two sisters who found the courage to give evidence at County Sligo Circuit Court about their sexual abuse as children at the hands of their uncle were left speechless and dismayed by what they called his light sentencing...READ MORE


Pope’s belief in the Devil evident as he lays his hands on ill boy in St. Peter’s Square