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Will Ireland ever be good again asks a returned emigrant

It's now a little over a year back in Dublin for me, since the end of a year living in New York. Initial feelings of emptiness and despair at having to say goodbye to a life, and place, I came to love have subsided, if not disappeared...READ MORE


James Watson, DNA discoverer says Irish downfall is not alcohol but ignorance

James Watson (85) one half of the legendary Watson and Crick pairing who discovered the structure of DNA, made the front pages this week, but not for a new discovery, instead he caused uproar when he savaged Irish intellects...READ MORE


Pilot confirms Irish experts reports - says he came dangerously close to crashing into UFO

UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland have had their claims about Irish UFO hotspots backed by an incident involving a pilot coming within 300 feet of and nearly hitting an unidentified flying object...READ MORE


Irish government bill will allow abortion in limited circumstances in Ireland

The Irish government will seek to allow abortion in limited circumstances in Ireland when the life of the mother is in danger or when she is suicidal. However, the bill does not include rape or incest among the reasons for allowing an abortion...READ MORE


Brooklyn diocese launches 'hipster' Jesus ad campaign - claims Christ was 'The original hipster'

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn has unveiled a new ad campaign which describes Jesus as the “original hipster” in a bid to attract new parishioners...READ MORE


Pro-choice march in Dublin for legal abortion September 29th, 2012 by Richard Whelan Richard Whelan