Today's top Irish news stories:

Irish government launches - new portal for searching for your roots - VIDEO

The Irish government has relaunched their genealogy website, which offers visitors a new portal that includes historical records from multiple sites. It is a major breakthrough in bringing together all genealogy sources in one site...READ MORE


Pope Francis continues to surprise - snubs papal apartments to live in Vatican guesthouse

The newly appointed Pope Francis will not move into the Apostolic Palace papal apartments. Instead he has opted to live in a suite at the Vatican guesthouse.

Since he was elected as Pope, the Buenos Aires Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio has shunned Vatican traditions, opting for simpler, less costly alternatives, including his clothes and accessories...READ MORE


Niall O'Dowd: Rory Staunton continues to save lives even though he is gone from us

One year ago, on April 1, 2012, death, like a thief in the night, stole my beloved nephew Rory Staunton. He was 12-years-old and like the season he died in, was full of promise. The thrill of life was everywhere about him...READ MORE


Man convicted after telling foreigner, 'Bobby Sands did not die for the blacks'

An elderly man in Cork was convicted and fined on Monday, after he told a non-national that “Bobby Sands did not die for the blacks.”

In December, Cork District Court Judge Leo Malone ordered Richard Hurley, 68, to make a donation to a local hospice...READ MORE


Last first class Titanic lunch menu to go on display in Belfast

A menu of the last lunch served on board the Titanic will go on display in the new Titanic visitors center in Belfast this week.

The rare first class luncheon menu survived the disaster and was purchased at an English auction during last year's centenary of the ship's sinking...READ MORE


This 1929 photograph shows an Irish family after their arrival in New York