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Czech Republic remind the Internet that Chechnya is a different country - Sarah Palin Boston bombings spoof

Growing alarm that Americans are confusing Chechnya with the Czech Republic has seen the Czech Embassy issuing an unprecedented statement following the Boston marathon attacks to clarify that the two bombing suspects trace their roots to Chechnya, not the Czech Republic, after waves of anti-Czech rhetoric lit up social media...READ MORE


Suspected Irish cop killer is on the run in the U.S. say police - VIDEO

A suspected Irish cop killer has fled to the United States where he entered the country illegally, Irish police say. The FBI and other US law enforcement agencies have been asked to help seek his apprehension and deportation...READ MORE


‘Human shield’ created to protect Boston bombing victim’s funeral from Westboro Baptist protesters

The notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church's plan to protest the funeral of Krystle Campbell, the young woman killed in the Boston Marathon bombing, would have found the outrage they hoped to spark greatly diminished by local Teamsters...READ MORE


Irish brothers tell of narrow escape in Boston bombing blitz

Two Irish brothers living in the Boston suburbs consider themselves lucky to be alive.

One of them witnessed the marathon terror attack just minutes after crossing the finish line, and the other was evacuated from his Watertown home after his next-door neighbor, David Henneberry, notified authorities on Friday that one of the killers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was possibly hiding out in his boat...READ MORE


Donegal serial sex attacker crashed victims wedding ruining bride's special day

The victim of a serial child sex abuser has spoken about how her wedding day was ruined when her attacker showed up as an unwelcome guest and refused to leave...READ MORE


Sarah Palin slams President Obama and the media who attended the White House Correspondent's DinnerGoogle Images