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New book claims Bill Clinton asked Hillary for a divorce in 1990

A new book by historian William Chafe, entitled “Bill and Hillary,” dissects the couple’s marriage  and alleges that Bill Clinton asked Hillary for a divorce in 1990 before he embarked on his long- shot bid for the presidency...READ MORE


Top Irish roots story:

Top ten little-known facts about Ireland ahead of the Gathering 2013

1.Ireland is the only country in the world which has a musical instrument – the harp – as their national symbol. The oldest known harp in existence is housed in Trinity College, Dublin. It dates back from at least 1300...READ MORE


Top Irish sports story:

Rory McIlroy offered chance to be Ireland’s flag bearer in 2016 Olympics

The head of Ireland’s Olympic Committee says he will offer Rory McIlroy the chance to carry the Irish Tricolor during the opening ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, in return for committing to playing for Ireland...READ MORE


Mary McAleese calls for gay marriage, slams Pope on Vatican II

McAleese said she held “a very strong view that for centuries now gay people have lived in a dark secretive world of indeterminate loneliness [and] dreadful complexity...READ MORE


Heartbroken dog tracks down his sick owner in hospital two miles from home – VIDEO

A seven-year-old husky dog, Zander, was so upset by his owner’s hospitalization that he tracked him down. The dog crossed under a busy parkway and a four-lane road to get to his owner...READ MORE.