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Irish American soldier sues for $10 million after penis amputation due to frostbite

Irish American army veteran Michael D. Nash is suing the federal government for $10 million after he suffered frostbite and gangrene on his penis after an operation...READ  MORE


Top Irish entertainment news:

Exclusive interview with ‘Taken 2’ star Liam Neeson - Being a badass at 60 is simple - VIDEO

Liam Neeson strides into the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Central Park West one day last week looking happier and healthier than I have ever seen him...READ  MORE


Canadian Olympics CEO accused of abuse of native Indian children

Sensational allegations of the abuse of native Indians made against Irish-born John Furlong, CEO of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and one of Canada’s most admired figures, have created a huge media storm...READ  MORE


TopIrish immigrationstory:

Sean Brosnan: Making the first run - why I made the move from Ireland to New York City

I have noted in the past that as soon as Americans hear my accent, the one question they always ask is ‘What brings you to New York City?’  I never know how to answer that question and always shrug my shoulders or say something stupid like ‘the food’ or ‘the weather.’...READ  MORE


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 Diary of Dublin mother who lived through WWI and 1916 Rising goes online

The letters of a mother in Dublin, writing to her son who was missing in action in the Balkans in 1916, have been published online...READ  MORE