Today's top Irish news stories:

Shock as only 17 percent in Northern Ireland would vote for a United Ireland

Sinn Fein’s proposal for a Border vote on a United Ireland would end in rejection, according to a new opinion poll, with only 17 per cent in favor...READ MORE


Cahir O'Doherty: Leave in silence - what Ireland expects you to do

Here's how it works in Ireland.  If you have basic competency and can sit upright at a desk without falling over you could have a lifelong career in government or the civil service, say...READ MORE


Deep anger as Enda Kenny refuses official apology on Magdalene Laundries

After a decade long struggle for justice, the Irish State admitted its role in the virtual enslavement of thousands of Irish women in the notorious Magdalene Laundries Tuesday, but Prime Minister Enda Kenny declined to issue a formal apology...READ MORE


Irish teen jailed for life for luring boy to his death by pretending to be a girl

A teenager stabbed his victim nine times after luring him into a trap by arranging a fake date with a girl, via text message...READ MORE


Court hears how ‘vermin’ mother left 10-year-old in charge of six siblings

A Co.Clare court heard how a 10-year-old was left to care for her six younger siblings while her mother went on drinking  binges with her partner...READ MORE


Press Association - Gerry Adams called on the Irish and British governments to set a date for a border poll and let the people of Northern Ireland vote on a united Ireland