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Oscar Pistorius’ murder case’s haunting similarities to Irish NYPD cop story in 1910

The story of Oscar Pistorius is hauntingly reminiscent of the troubles of one of New York’s finest who happened to be one of the most famous Olympians a little over a century ago...READ MORE


U.S. Magdalene daughter was taken from her mother aged 18 months

When Irish leader Enda Kenny last week made an abject apology on behalf of the Irish state for the mistreatment of Irish women treated like slaves in the Magdalene laundries, Pennsylvania-based Mari Steed, 53, the director of the advocacy group Justice for Magdalenes, knows all about it...READ MORE


How to apply for an Irish passport in time for St. Patrick’s Day

For Americans who have an Irish grandparent getting an Irish passport is still fairly easy. But first, you'll need to get citizenship...READ MORE


Irish American wife tried to warn victim of NYPD cannibal cop’s heinous plans

Kathleen Mangan (27), the estranged wife of the accused former NYPD officer Gilberto Valle, tried to warn her husband’s possible victims of his plans to sell them into “white slavery," the court heard...READ MORE


Sh**e Irish parents say to their American kids on St. Patrick's Day

They may charm us with their clever wit year round, but St. Patrick’s Day usually takes the cake when listening to our Irish parents...READ MORE


Matt McGrath, pictured at right, in a pose that leaves no doubt about his power. McGrath competed in the hammer throw in four Olympics. The 1912 Stockholm games were his most dominant performance: hi