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Donald Trump is a buffoon who has lost his marbles this time

Donald Trump is off his head. That is the only possible interpretation of his October surprise to change the 2012 presidential race...READ MORE


Irishman lost 280lbs and goes from suicidal to marathon runner in just one year

A Dublin man plans to run the Dublin City Marathon after losing 280 pounds in the past year. A year ago he weighed more than 490 pounds and now is training for the Marathon on Monday, October 29...READ MORE


Irishman killed in private airplane crash off Long Island, New York - VIDEO

A small plane crash claimed the lives of an Irish immigrant and his longtime friend off Long Island this past weekend....READ MORE


Canadian Girls who placed message in a bottle identified

The two girls who placed a message in a bottle off the Canadian Atlantic coast eight years ago have been identified after the bottle was found in Ireland this week...READ MORE


Michigan Democrats say they can win by nominating ‘Irish females’ for elections - VIDEO

The Michigan Democratic party has outlined a plan to win state Supreme Court elections by  nominating female Irish Americans...READ MORE