Here's the top Irish news stories on IrishCentral today:

New JFK tape reveals his father thought he was hopeless at politics

A new tape of John F. Kennedy reveals that his father Joe thought he was hopeless at politics and that he had severe doubts himself about his political skills...READ MORE


Top news story from Boston:

Irish immigrant Tanya Connolly tragically killed in road accident in South Boston - VIDEO

An Irish immigrant was killed in a road accident in South Boston on Monday, police have confirmed.

According to the Boston Herald, Tanya Connolly had emigrated from Ireland 14 years ago and had lived and worked in the city since...READ MORE


Top Election2012 story:

Paul Ryan defends Mitt Romney’s ‘parasite’ comments says they’re missing out on potential

Responding yesterday to Mitt Romney's comments that almost half the American electorate are dependents who believe they're entitled to government programs, running mate Paul Ryan was forced to take a much softer approach with a New Hampshire crowd yesterday....READ MORE


Cahir O'Doherty: Release of Kate Middleton topless photos proves fame is so last century

Last week the shocking news that Kate Middleton has breasts riveted the world.

Photographed sun bathing semi nude from a very great distance, when the story broke I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be surprised by?..READ MORE


Kildare man sentenced to community service for armed robbery of a cannoli in Boston

A young Kildare man who was arrested for stealing a cannoli pastry from a Boston Bakery has been sentenced to 50 hours community service...READ MORE